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About Us

J.C Marine Service & Fabrication is a metal fabrication company that is located in Hollywood, Florida near US 1 and Sheridan. Between my team members and myself, we have over twenty years of experience. The services that we provide our clients with are in the construction, marine and manufacturing industries. This includes but is not limited to the following:


  • Marine Repairs, including rebuilding hydraulic systems, cranes, davits, winches, and windlasses.


  • Welding/Custom Fabricating awnings, gates, railings, and canopies for commercial & residential use.


  • Rigging Services, this includes furling system rebuilds, standing & running rigging replacement, and yearly inspections.

Core Values:


 Our three main core values are:

  1. Communication with our clients

  2. High quality work

  3. Dedication to doing the job correctly and efficiently


We pride ourselves in quality work and we personally will not be satisfied until you are confident and secure with our services. We are 100% behind the work that we produce.

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